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Media Center

Magical Library

Media Center Magic

In the media center, magic dwells, Where stories dance and knowledge swells.

Books of all kinds, from far and wide, A treasure trove for every mind.

Computers hum and screens aglow, A world of wonder, waiting to grow.

Makerspaces buzz with creativity, Where dreams take flight, so wild and free.

Librarians guide with gentle care, Helping us learn and dreams to share.

Media centers, oh so grand, Where magic blooms in every hand.



Media Specialist - Dr. Sayra Stone-Harris

Media Clerk - Mrs. Lori Chester


Copies of the student handbook are distributed to each student at the beginning of the school year. Parents are asked to review the information with their children.

Student checkout policies:
  • Students may check out two books at a time unless permission is granted by the media specialist/teacher to check out additional books.
  • The loan period for materials for students is 14 days.  Books may be renewed as needed unless the book is on hold for another student.
  • Students who have an overdue book may not checkout an additional book until the overdue book is returned, paid for, or renewed. No overdue fines are charged.
  • Lost/damaged books must be paid for. Students who have a lost/damaged book for longer than 1 month will be placed on a "no buy" list meaning they are not allowed to purchase ice cream, book fair items, Santa Shop items, pictures, etc. until the book is paid for. Books that are found and returned to the Media Center in good condition will be refunded for the current school year only.
  • Charges for lost/damaged books will be for replacement costs.