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Visible Learning

Sand Hill Visible Learning Certified School


Sand Hill Elementary School is proud to be a Visible Learning Certified School! This award signifies that as a school we have demonstrated deeper learning and a continued commitment to implementing the Visible Learning principles. Our ultimate goal is to create and support good learners at Sand Hill Elementary. We want to teach with clarity, give students the tools to help self-regulate their own learning, provide effective feedback, and teach students learner dispositions that will last a lifetime.  

Visible learning is a mindshift in the approach to learning in which teachers focus on instructional strategies that produce the largest impact on student outcomes. Learning becomes visible when students know what they are learning, why they are learning it, and what is the next step in their learning. When learning is visible, students are able to set goals, know how to be successful, know when they are successful, and provide feedback to themselves, their teachers, and their peers.  We are teaching our students how to be good learners and what that looks like in the classroom.  During the school year, you may hear your child talk about our STING learner dispositions.

S-Self Motivation

T-Take Time To Reflect


N-Never Give Up, We Persevere 

G-Goal Setters

As partners in your child's education, we ask that you support these dispositions at home with your child. Together, we can support these habits and instill a love for learning!